Fred DuVal is an Arizona business and education leader.

Raised in Tucson, Fred learned the value of education when he was still a boy, as his father founded and led the medical school at the University of Arizona. After Fred graduated from Tucson High School, he received his B.A. from Occidental College, and moved home to Arizona to build a life of his own. Fred learned early how important it is to be a problem solver. When he worked in Governor BruceBabbitt’s office, he helped develop the common ground that led to Arizona’s groundwater legislation, created our state Medicaid system—the most cost effective system in the country—and set record levels of education funding.

Arizona has grown and changed tremendously in our lifetimes, and those changes have been a source of opportunities and challenges for our state. Fred worked for Babbitt back when Arizona was managing a wave of enormous growth; he served in a senior role in Bill Clinton’s White House when we turned our economy around and balanced our budget. More recently, Fred worked in the renewable energy business with Republican oilman T. Boone Pickens when it became clear that we couldn’t remain dependent on foreign oil; and he helped to lead Arizona’s public university system just as our national economy was collapsing, which almost put higher education out of reach for millions of Arizonans.

As a member of the Arizona Board of Regents, Fred found ways to keep those opportunities alive for the next generation. When some in positions of power called for closing down campuses, literally shutting the doors of opportunity, Fred fought back. He designed and led the initiative that resulted in Universities and Community Colleges offering co-enrollment and seamless transfer of credits – an innovative approach that helped keep Arizona post-secondary education affordable. He assured that financial aid increased faster than the rate of inflation for those in need. As Chairman of the Board, Fred pioneered a new funding model that holds the Universities more accountable and that received national acclaim. Fred also proposed—and delivered—the first zero tuition increase in modern Arizona history.

Throughout his life, Fred has demonstrated that he can think big, set goals, and accomplish great things in education and business—the keys to our prosperity. Fred doesn't care if it's a Democratic answer or a Republican answer, as long as it's the right answer for Arizona.

At the White House, President Clinton appointed Fred the Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. In this position he was responsible for the policy relationship between the federal government and all 50 states—governors, mayors, county officials and American Indian tribes. Fred helped negotiate the historic tobacco settlement that improved the nation’s health and lowered the cost of care for the uninsured.

Fred and his wife Jennifer live in Phoenix with their four-year-old son. Their older son, Will, attends college and is a ROTC cadet.