Most of us, if not all of us have heard of the American business man called Fred DuVal. He also is a well known author and a leader.

He was born on the 24th of May in 1954. His early schooling and graduation were done from the Tuscon High School. He had a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Occidental College. He was an exceptionally brilliant student and he also was nominated as a Luce Scholar here. He went on to pursue his law and finally obtained his degree of law from the State University of Arizona.

During the period from 1980 to 85, Fred DuVal was employed with Bruce Babbitt who was the Governor of Arizona. He was a senior assistant to the Governor. He helped to manage and look after the Governor’s gubernational campaign initiative in 1978 as well as his presidential campaign in 1988. During the period of 2002 to 2006, Fred worked with the Commerce & Economic Development Commission of Arizona.

Later on in 2006 August, he took up the post of the Chairman of the Board of Regents of Arizona. He was one of the multiple founders of the Democratic Leadership Council. He did this in 1985. He also worked with the Democratic National Committee during the period from 1989 – 93 as well as from 2009 – 11. Between 2008 – 10, he held the position of the Treasurer for the Democratic Governors Association. Also, in the year 1993, he held the position of Deputy Protocol Chief at the US State Department. He was at this post till the year 1996.

Fred DuVal


In the year 1997, he was appointed as the Deputy Director of Affairs of Intergovernment at the White House by none other than Bill Clinton himself. He was fundamental in bringing about the passing of the Act of Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Reconciliation. He also helped in the settlement of a national tobacco issue. Furthermore he dappled in a variety of different activities to do with the betterment of the policy at the White House especially in concern with matters like gaming rights of Indian Americans, appropriations of tribals etc. He helped to write a book called “Calling Arizona Home”. This book came out in 2005. Moving on to 2010 he occupied the position of the co-chairman for an initiative called “Getting Ahead”.

In the year 2014, Fred DuVal ran the elections for the post of the Governor of Arizona. Sadly he lost this election to his opponent.

He also aided in setting up a program for development of alternate energy. This initiative was called the Pickens Plan. Fred DuVal has served in a variety of places. To name a prominent few:

Desert Botanical Garden

Children’s Action Alliance

Arizona University’s Medical Centre

Thus as a politician, Fred DuVal has dappled in multiple activities, been a part of multiple exemplary happenings in history and done his bit to be remembered by some if not all as a good statesman.